Top Los Angeles Restaurants with Fireplaces

Los Angeles in California has earned a high reputation for maintaining a warm weather throughout the year. However, during the winter season, the temperature can go down as low as 40F in the L.A. area. Creating very chilly weather and then people start looking for restaurants with fireplaces.

Some of you have these cozy fireplaces in your own house to enjoy this winter.  If you don’t already have a fireplace you can do like I did and retrofit one into your living room or bedroom.  I love watching the flickering flames, it is more for looks than warmth that I bought one.  You can visit these restaurants to figure out what style you want to add to your own house.  I got a new fireplace – a ClassicFlame SpectraFire, one of the best-rated electric inserts for a modern home, according to  Have fun with this and enjoy trying out the different restaurants.

Here are several restaurants in Los Angeles that have fireplaces. They play a valuable role in setting the seasonal stage and keeping you warm. These places happen to also be the coziest options for eating dinner in LA.

List of the Los Angeles Restaurants Equipped With Fireplaces:


Source: nirvana1925

Nestled in Beverly Hills, Nirvana is nestled almost at a distance of half a mile from the thriving restaurant row district of La Cienega Boulevard. The interior of this upscale Indian restaurant is inclusive of canopied beds for lounging, Buddha fountains, koi ponds. It also comes with a stone patio along with two fireplaces so more chance to sit close to one of them. The restaurant is known for playing live DJs, host during some of the evening.

Il Cielo

Il Cielo is located within a Tuscan cottage and is one of the well renowned romantic restaurants in Los Angeles. It is located at a corner from Four Seasons Hotel. It is inclusive of candlelight, fireplace, and mural which is covered with ceilings, those feature angles. The garden courtyard is inclusive of lush vegetation, white lights, retractable glass roof, so if it gets super cold or rainy the glass room can be adjusted accordingly.

Food is one of the primary reasons why people love visiting this restaurant. It has a unique section of seafood which is inclusive of Hawaiian blue prawns in the tomato broth, grilled sea bass along with the fresh vegetables, etc.

Cafe La Boheme

Cafe La Boheme is one of the well-renowned restaurants which is located in proximity to the Macha Theatre company. The restaurant impressed the customers with an elegant interior that comes with massive chandeliers, stone slab floors, and dark red walls. The cafe is inclusive of the patio that has fireplaces and waterfalls. Customers rejoice in the French and Asian fusion cuisine menu of the restaurant.


Bastide is recognized to be one of the well-renowned restaurants in Los Angeles that are equipped with a fireplace. You can reach the restaurant at Improv Comedy club within 10 minutes where it takes just 5 minutes to reach the Famed Melrose Avenue.

The restaurant has gained high prominence for the two dining halls and stone courtyard. You can treat yourself in the best manner with the aid of meat dishes and standard fish which are dressed with the assistance of fresh ingredients.

This restaurant has less than 20 tables. Hence, it is recommended to make the reservations in advance if you want to have a memorable time in this cozy restaurant. The restaurant is also loved by the natives of Los Angeles owing to the complimentary valet parking which is rare in the country.


Dominick's Fireplace

Dominick’s is another classic Italian-American restaurant which is located in West Hollywood. It comes with charming patio space along with fireplace for keeping the areas warm. You can enjoy life to the best with the bottle of Barolo. If you are looking for a perfect place to dine with your friends during winter, nothing can beat Dominick’s.

Mohawk Bend

Mohawk Bend happens to be a large beer hall which is present in Echo Park. It comprises of a typical pub setup front. However, the back possesses an open quasi-patio along with high ceilings. The restaurant has a wood-burning fireplace which is located right in the middle. You can even enjoy vegan cuisine and pints at this restaurant.

Bar | Kitchen

Bar | Kitchen is a worth mentioning the name in the list of Los Angeles restaurants. This Downtown hotel restaurant has an amazing comfort menu in which customers can relish in during winter. If you want to enjoy dinner in the open area, you can refer to this restaurant. The fireplace is amazing for keeping the room cozy and warm.


RivaBella happens to be an easy choice when it comes to fireside dining in Los Angeles. The restaurant is loved by the natives of the place owing to the patios here. Featuring a larger brick fireplace, polished cuisine, plush seating, people love spending time here in the winter season.

One Pico

Perched above the beach, One Pico is located just one block from the Pacific ocean. The interior of the restaurant is known to feature hardware floors, high beam ceilings. You can have a view of the beach from this restaurant. The limestone fireplace is one of the unique attributes of this restaurant.

Mediterranean cuisines are considered to be the highlight of the menu that comes with a Californian twist. Rejoice in avocado salad and shellfish in this restaurant. The restaurant has also gained high popularity for the Sunday brunch. If you are looking for a perfect cozy place to enjoy dining during the cold season, you can consider visiting this Los Angeles restaurant.

Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel

Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel

Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel, located near Santa Monica Pier is considered to be the number one choice of people owing to the wine bar, high-end restaurant. It comprises of selections from different varied regions like New Zealand, California, Chile. The interior of the restaurant is inclusive of wicker furnishings, candlelight, white tablecloth, in addition to fire pit of oversize.

The restaurant also provides opportunities for outdoor dining. You can have a perfect view of the ocean from the hotel. It also features numerous miniature fire pits. The California cuisine menu of the restaurant is inclusive of healthy and delicious grilled seafood meals.

Beechwood Restaurant

Beechwood Cafe is one of the top Los Angeles restaurants that features curved leather booths, candlelight, wooden crate tablets. The outdoor patio comes with oversized fire put which is surrounded by wood chairs and benches.

The restaurants mentioned above have been the first choice of people of Los Angeles to enjoy cozy dining during the winter season. You can also enjoy the most delicious dishes as you visit these restaurants during the season.

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