Salina’s Churro Truck

So, first of all, I have heard of ice cream trucks, taco trucks, burger trucks but I have never really heard of a churro truck. Of late, however, two of my friends at work have raved continuously about just that; a churro truck called Salinas Churro Truck.

Since I like to do a bit of research on food joints/eateries before trying them out, I check for some reviews online and to my surprise, a huge majority of them are quite euphoric.

Having decided that I want to give the …

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The Bouchon

Las Vegas, also known as Sin City; is a city of dazzling lights, awe-inspiring fountains and majestic themed casinos and hotels. Although I have traveled to quite some places, I have never visited Las Vegas.

This summer, however, like any other 21 years old, I decided Las Vegas was my holiday destination. Well, of course, there was the lure of the nightclubs, but my friend and I were mostly interested in looking for the best food spots in Las Vegas.

One of the food joints we agreed to try out …

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Lucha Libre Taco Shop

When talking about San Diego, most people often think of one thing; the San Diego Zoo and its majestic giant pandas. As a matter of fact, pandas are the main reason I like traveling down to San Diego ever so frequently.

Of course, there is also the breathtaking coastline and the vibrant nightlife. Thanks to Travel Channel’s Man v. Food, I found an even better reason to visit San Diego and on even more regular basis food.

The last episode of Travel Channel’s Man v. Food featured a restaurant in …

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Scootabaker Cupcakes

For the sake of honesty, I am the kind of person who loves the dessert part of a meal more than I love the food part of the meal. Wherever I can, I skip the food and head right straight for the dessert.

Nonetheless, while I am extremely crazy about sweet treats, I am less passionate about the rather annoying situations I must go through to get access to a nice treat; such as parking and traffic.

I cannot recall the number of times I have wished that my

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Get Shaved 2.0

Also known as Hawaiian shave ice, shaved ice is made from fine ice shavings and drizzled with sweet syrups; sometimes, they are combined with ice-creams. While it is a superbly delicious dessert, it is often hard to get right.

Experts recommend a fine, powdery ice that is not too heavy. In addition to that, just the right amount of gentleness is needed when pouring on the syrup otherwise the ice may collapse. Not many people know how to make perfect shaved ice, but Pat and Kristen Roskowick sure do.

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Mandoline Grill

Food trucks in L.A are a regular sight, and personally, I am a huge fan of sampling out new food trucks as much as I can (the sight of a new truck makes me hungry). Luckily, I happen to live in a neighborhood where many trucks regularly make stops.

However, there is one truck that has always eluded me in the past; the Mandoline Grill truck. Word on the street has it that this red truck serves the best Vietnamese food in L.A.

Last Monday, as I was pondering where …

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Burger Kitchen: All I Can Say Is “Oy”

Boutique, gourmet burger joints are opening with greater regularity across the country. Burger Kitchen in Beverly Grove (8048 West 3rd Street, midtown Los Angeles) is the latest promising a unique, artisanal take on the benchmark of standard American fare, the hamburger. And, like with so many others, it fails to offer anything uniquely enjoyable to distance itself from the already crowded field.

There is some variety to be said for the father-and-son (Alan and Daniel Saffron) owned restaurant’s set of burgers (22 different variations on the menu, not to mention …

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Another Shaved Ice Truck To Debut

Fresh and tasty ice cream is a must-have during the warmer seasons, whether you are home or abroad. If you are from Hawaii, you know what this means.

Even though Shaved Ice Cream is not available everywhere, it is a must taste while visiting Hawaii or anywhere else in the USA. Wondering what Shaved Ice Cream is?

Shaved Ice Cream looks as delicious as it sounds to be. With enticing colors and a wide variety of flavors, this famous Hawaiian style dessert is the best shot for those who are …

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Saffron & Rose Ice-Cream

First and foremost, I am a food lover, and I love Persian cuisine. Secondly, I have a sweet tooth, and ice cream is among my best treats. Given my love for both these things, I was quite surprised when I came across a review of a Persian ice cream joint called Saffron & Rose Ice Cream.

According to the reviewer, Saffron Rose serves the best Persian Ice cream in the whole of California. For those who do not know, Persian ice cream, unlike American or Italian ice cream uses whole

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Nana Queen’s Pudding and Wings

Anyone who knows me knows that I am crazy about two things; tasty desserts and my all time favorite hobby, chasing down food trucks. I particularly have a soft spot for food trucks that also serve up delicious desserts.

Talking of trucks and desserts, there is a new truck in town called Nana Queen’s Pudding and Wings. Although it launched last Saturday, I hear it used to sell some of its already famous desserts to local restaurants including Philip’s BBQ and Uncle Darrow’s (in Marina Del Rey).

I was with …

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