Salina’s Churro Truck

So, first of all, I have heard of ice cream trucks, taco trucks, burger trucks but I have never really heard of a churro truck. Of late, however, two of my friends at work have raved continuously about just that; a churro truck called Salinas Churro Truck.

Since I like to do a bit of research on food joints/eateries before trying them out, I check for some reviews online and to my surprise, a huge majority of them are quite euphoric.

Having decided that I want to give the truck a try, I decided to take a drive to Echo Park which is just a few minutes from downtown LA. My friends had told me to look out for a blue corn quesadilla cart because the two often park close to each other. It didn’t take me long to find Salinas Churro Truck at the corner of Echo Park …

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