The Annual LA Weekly’s Sips and Sweets Not To Be Missed

LA Weekly is best known as the local guide to Los Angeles’ culture, food, news, events, and music. In line with this essential role, this local weekly newspaper established an event called “LA Weekly’s Sips and Sweets“.

This event attempts to showcase the best bakers, pastry chefs, and even bartenders/mixologists in Los Angeles’ while at the same time, ensuring that attendees of the event have maximum fun, buy gifts and even give to charity.

The inaugural Sips and Sweets event was held on the afternoon of December 7th subsequently ushering in the festive season with a sugar-coated bang.

The event took place at The Majestic and the Reserve Downtown from 2 in the afternoon to 5 pm. The Majestic Downtown, designed and built in 1921 was an ideal location for the event given that it is LA’s premier event venue and therefore has unmatched historic significance in LA.…

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