The First Annual LA Street Food Festival

While people were looking forward to a romantic weekend of candle-lit dinners, roses and chocolates, I was thinking about how I was going to attend arguably the biggest street food event of the first quarter of the year; the first annual L.A Street Food Festival.

The event went down on Saturday the 13th of February, and it was a perfect way for people to usher in the romance of Valentines. I managed to convince my boyfriend to attend the event (which wasn’t too hard given how much he loves food trucks). He also managed to convince two of his friends; Rick and Tom to attend the event alongside us.

Where Was It and How Much Was It?

The first edition of the LA Street Food Fest was held at the LA Center Studios with tickets going for $5 for general admission entry and a cool $30 for VIP entry.

LA Street Food Festival

Who Was Attending?

Given it was the very first LA street food fest, attendance was quite impressive featuring more than 30 food trucks and scores of vendors. Some of the attending food trucks included;

  • Qzilla BBQ
  • Uncle Lao’s Hawaiian BBQ
  • Don Chow Tacos
  • Buttermilk Truck
  • Dogzilla
  • Mama Koh’s Korean Chicken
  • Tasty Meat
  • Get Shaved
  • Flying Pig Truck
  • The Sweets Truck
  • Nom Nom Truck
  • Vendors included;
  • Baby Eggi
  • Suburban Riot
  • Jenkins Jellies
  • The Dram
  • Three Apparel
  • Blue Dahlia
  • Punky Bunny Designs.

LA Street Food Fest Trucks

What Went Down?

Firstly, my boyfriend and his two friends decided to meet up early and head to the festival venue as soon as we could. We knew the event would draw lots of people (given how much citizens in L.A love their food trucks and also the great promotion of the event done on Facebook and Twitter) and we knew better than to get late.

We got there at approximately 10:30 am, 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. We were quite surprised to find an already long looking line at the venue. We went to the back of the line and were soon thanking our lucky stars after the line behind us grew exponentially long within just 20 minutes.

30 minutes later, we were still in the line, and we noticed that some people had given up on waiting and were leaving. However, we decided to stay put and see what lay ahead. The gates finally opened at around 11:30.Luckily the line was moving quite fast, and we managed to get into the venue by 12:10 pm. By this time, we were starving and ready to indulge in the array of foods and other goodies.

Mama Koh’s Chicken

We managed to try out some trucks before the day ended. Our first stop was Mama Koh’s Chicken which only had two people on the line when we got there. We ordered wings, which were delightfully sweet and spicy. However, there were a little too greasy, and my boyfriend didn’t like them (though he still finished eating his portion).

Next up was a stop at the TastyMeat truck – which is a Turkish food truck. TastyMeat’s menu included dishes that are usually not on their menu, and it was these new offerings that we focused on. I had the Freta Fries with tzatziki sauce.

TastyMeat Truck

The fries were impressively thin and crunchy while the tanginess of the sauce was addictive. My boyfriend, Rick, and Tom ordered “Just the Meat” dishes featuring beef/lamb and a Middle Eastern delicacy called Falafel. From their facial expressions, I could tell they liked the wraps.

Beef, Lamb and Falafel

At this point, we all wanted to try out different things, and Rick wanted to try out one of Chef Ludovic Lefebvre’s famed recipes, so he got into the LudoBites line – which was already quite long. Knowing how long it would take for him to reach the front of the line, we decided to venture out and try other trucks.

LudoBites Truck

I was craving some Thai food, so I went to the Yum Yum Bowls truck for the Panang Curry which is one of my favorite items on their menu. At the same time, my boyfriend and Tom were at the Japanese inspired Dogzilla truck sampling the Godzilla hotdogs (which includes avocado and grilled onion topping) and the karai furikake (which features a topping of Japanese mayo sauce, onions, and seaweed).

Having eaten our fill (except Rick who was still in the LudoBites line), we decided it was time for dessert. My boyfriend and I rushed to the Sweets truck while Tom decided to head off to Cool Haus to get some ice cream.

For those who remember, the Sweets Truck ran out of sweets at the Haiti festival, but this time they were well prepared and had quite a huge and impressive selection of sweets and treats.

Sweets Truck LA

I go with the standard red velvet which is always so deeply satisfying. However, this time I wanted to try something different, so I settled on the Banana Shooter which is the banana liqueur. My boyfriend ordered the red velvet cookie which he gobbled up before I could even steal a bite.

Red Velvet Cookie

After some time, Tom came with a delicious looking wasabi ice cream with gingersnap cookies for himself and a dirty mint chocolate chip ice cream with brownies for Rick (who was still in the LudoBites line and appreciated the cooling effect of the ice-cream).

By the time Rick got to the front of the LudoBites line, he had spent about 2 hours on the line. He ordered the fried chicken which was expertly battered, rolled in rosemary and served with a sweet looking sauce which Rick said had a peppery taste. As a matter of fact, Rick noted it was the best thing he had eaten all day – despite it coming after the ice-cream.

Grilled Cheese Truck

We really would have loved to try out other trucks including Fresser’s, Buttermilk Truck, Flying Pig, Komodo and the Grilled Cheese Truck. However, by 2 p.m., the lines were too long, and we figured we would have to wait for another day to sample these food trucks.

Despite the long lines, we had a blast, and we enjoyed tasting the different types of foods and treats. We were, however, surprised that there was still a long queue of people waiting to enter the venue even at 3:30 pm. We felt sympathetic for them knowing they would probably not get any food; it’s a pity L.A Street Food Event couldn’t last two days.

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