Aloha Hour @ Roy’s

When I first went to Roy’s a few months ago, I was looking for a nice dessert, and that was when I first experienced the miraculous taste of chocolate soufflé with vanilla ice cream.

Although I do like digging my teeth into good quality food, sometimes it comes at a relatively high price and with the tough economic times, saving money is a priority.

It is for this very same reason that many people are huge fans of happy hours; you get to sample delicious foods and treats at discounted prices. Roy’s is one restaurant that has incorporated the concept of happy hour.

Chef Roy Yamaguchi

Roy’s restaurant is the brainchild of Chef Roy Yamaguchi, a winner of the James Beard Foundation Award. Interestingly, Roy’s first opened its doors in 1988 in Honolulu Hawaii and had since expanded to more than 25 locations around the world with more than 20 in the United States alone.

Roy’s serves up a cuisine that is a fusion of European, Hawaiian and Asian techniques and cuisines. Roy’s Aloha Hour menu is available from 4:30-6:30 PM.

Roy’s Aloha Hour Menu

I simply cannot count the number of times I have heard about the new happy hour menu at Roy’s Restaurant from my colleagues at work. Given how much of a happy hour enthusiast I am, the fact that I had not yet heard about the Aloha Hour Menu made feel unaccomplished.

So, yesterday after a long but fulfilling day at work, I decided to treat myself and my girlfriend to the Aloha Hour menu at Roy’s in Pasadena or  L.A. area.

We made quick reservations as we were driving down to the restaurant (and looking for parking because the parking at Roy’s is a tad bit expensive). When we got there, we received a warm welcome; the service and the ambiance set the mood for us.

Roy's Hawaiian Specialty

We were even more impressed when our waitress took us through the Aloha hour menu – which was quite extensive compared to other happy hour menus. The best thing about their menu (of appetizers and Hawaiian specialty beverages) is that every item goes for just $5.

Our stomachs were grumbling when we got there, so we wasted no time in ordering the Wagyu sliders. These were quite delectable, and the bread (King’s Hawaiian sweet bread rolls) was soft and pleasantly tasty. Chipotle aioli sauce is used as a topping. The Wagyu was fatty, easy to bite into and very juicy too.

Wagyu Sliders -Roy's

The sliders were served with garlic truffle sweet potato fries boxed in an attractive Chinese inspired box. The combined taste of garlic and sweet potatoes was a bit overpowering for me, but I still devoured the fries happily. My girlfriend said they were the best thing she had eaten all week and almost ordered another Wagyu slider.

We also tried the crunchy golden lobster potstickers. Although not as crunchy as we expected, we still enjoyed the potstickers thoroughly. The miso-butter sauce was a pleasant and welcome surprise while the gyoza was quite savory. As a matter of fact, these were my favorite of the evening.

Pomegranate Patron Silver Mojito

We just couldn’t leave without sampling the specialty cocktails. My girlfriend ordered the pineapple ginger mojito which she said was spicy, sweet and very refreshing. I, on the other hand, have a love affair with tequila, so my obvious choice was the Pomegranate Patron Silver Mojito. It was fruity, refreshing and vibrant all at the same time.

We loved the Aloha Hour at Roy’s. The food was gracefully presented and very pleasing to the taste buds. The drinks were cool and refreshing – it is regrettable that the glasses were not bigger. If you are visiting a town that has Roy’s restaurant go try the food and enjoy yourself.

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