Food Wars: Grill ‘Em All vs. Baby’s Badass Burgers

I remember when we were just little boys we would argue over whose mother makes the best pudding or the best lemonade or even the best chicken stew. The truth is that people get very territorial when defending their favorite foods and favorite chefs.

Luckily, however, there is a new show scheduled to premiere on Travel Channel that could put an end to food rivalries once and for all. The new show is called “Food Wars, ” and Camille Ford is the host. The program, which starts on March 9th, aims to pit local heavyweights head to head with each other and see who has the better food.

How did I know about it? Well, today, I happened to stop for lunch at Grill ’Em All; an L.A truck that specializes in gourmet burgers and they were in the process of filming an episode of “Food Wars” pitting Grill ‘Em All against another of L.A’s burger trucks; Bay’s Badass Burgers.

I hadn’t planned to stay for long, but after I had heard that the filming would feature beer from Bootlegger’s Brewery based in OC, I figured I might as well stay; beer, burgers and the nearby beach – perfect.

1. Trucks And Branding Strategy

Grill 'Em All

Grill ‘Em All is an old school Metallica themed gourmet burger truck. The truck is a dark hue and the staff members at Grill ‘Em All mostly put on black t-shirts. In fact, the metallic theme was one of the things that attracted me to the truck in the very first place (I have known it for a while now)

On the other hand, Baby’s Badass Burgers has a theme that mainly revolves around beautiful girls. The truck is a rather catchy pink with the logo featuring two scantily dressed girls. For the sake of honesty, I do not like the whole idea of scantily dressed girls serving me burgers.

Baby's Badass Burgers

I mean, I do know sex sells, but I would rather not have it mix with my food. It is for this very same reason that I have often fought the urge of stopping at their truck, but today was different.

Word on the street has it that one of the founders of Grill ‘Em All worked at Baby’s truck for two weeks before resigning and venturing off to open his truck. If this is true, it sure did spice up the rivalry between the two trucks.

2. The Crowds

Grill Em All Truck

While there weren’t many people at the filming, the crowd cheering on the Grill Em All truck was significantly larger than that cheering on Baby’s truck. Apparently, they had carried out a campaign on Twitter recruiting fans for the rivalry.

Baby's Badass Burgers Truck

Baby’s truck, however, didn’t seem to have engaged in any recruitment drive before the rivalry and I could see the girl’s trying to do some last minute recruitment around the Pier.

3. Burgers

The real battle, however, was in the burgers; after all, Food Wars is meant to settle food debates once and for all.

I heard from one of the Grill Em All supporters that the truck had submitted one of its best selling burgers for the competition; the Molly Hatchet (which goes for $7.50). This burger features toppings of fennel smoked sausage gravy, smoked bacon and best of all a maple drizzle I have tried the Molly Hatchet before, and I must say the sausage gravy, and the maple syrup adds the most delightful taste to the burger.

Grill 'Em All - Food Wars

On this occasion, however, I was more interested in the Waste ‘Em All ($6.50). This burger features spicy cheese (pepper jack), chiles and onions (soaked in beer). I am not a huge fan of cheese, but I do love onions, and these sure made the burger worth it. I, however, didn’t like the fact that the bun was too thick and bready. I also didn’t like the lean meat.

Waste 'Em All

Next, I decided to try out the burgers at Baby’s truck too; after all, it was a battle of two trucks. Burgers at Baby’s are served in either of two sizes; the “Baby” size (sliders) and the “Maneater” size (which is a burger weighing half a pound).

Baby's Badass Burgers - Food Wars

I love onions, and I wanted to try out the Original Beauty burger which features mushrooms, grilled onions, and a special sauce). However since the Waste Em All Burger also had onions, I went with Baby’s competition burger; All American Girl ($6 for “Baby” size and $8 for the “Maneater”).

It consists of smoked cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and the truck’s special sauce). The burger was surprisingly good, and I particularly liked how soft and juicy the meat was. I also loved the spicy kick of the special sauce.

4. Winner

Well, for me Grill Em All wins the battle but only because I do not like the marketing strategy that Baby’s truck uses. However, the meat at Baby’s truck is better than that at Grill Em All. As for the “Food Wars” battle, you will have to watch the “Food Wars: Grill ‘Em All vs. Baby’s Badass Burgers” episode to know who won.

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