Nana Queen’s Puddin’ and Wings

Anyone who knows me knows that I am crazy about two things; tasty desserts and my all time favorite hobby, chasing down food trucks. I particularly have a soft spot for food trucks that also serve up delicious desserts.  Talking of trucks and desserts, there is a new truck in town called Nana Queen’s Puddin’ and Wings.

Although it launched last Saturday, I hear it used to sell some of its already famous desserts to local restaurants including Philip’s BBQ and Uncle Darrow’s (in Marina Del Rey).

I was with my boyfriend when I spotted Nana Queen’s food truck on Melrose. My boyfriend didn’t like the whole concept of pudding and wings (he doesn’t like wings). However, I told him that the truck serves four different types of banana puddings and he agreed to tag along with me.

We were lucky to bump into none other than Janel Pratel, the owner. My boyfriend asked her why we should try out her recipes and she happily pointed out to the fact that they are her original recipes and are not passed down from her grandmother. Well, I must admit she was fun to talk to. Her elder sister, Shanel also works in the truck.

Check Out What We Found At Puddin’ and Wings

Nana Queen's Pudding and Wings

The banana puddings are available in four flavors though Janel says more flavors are in the making. The flavors are;

  • G Nana (also known as the classic banana pudding – $4.50)
  • Straw-Nana (which includes fresh strawberries – $5.00)
  • Car Nana (which includes caramel – $5.00)
  • Nana Oh’s (which includes Oreo – $5.00)

Nana Queen's

Janel says people should look out for pudding flavors such as ginger snaps, nutter butter, Chessman cookie or even sweet potato banana pudding.

Despite the fact that we are not wing fans, the aromas from the kitchen made us hungry, and we decided to try out the wings. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Nana Queen’s serves up wings in 6 different flavors including BBQ Mango, green onion ranch, and CC lemon pepper; all of them unique and unexpected.

Green Onion Ranch

Wings and Fries

We both ordered the green onion ranch five-piece wings and fries ($6.50) albeit a little skeptically. For safety purposes, we agreed to share the wings. In truth, the wings were quite flavorful, and I found myself enjoying them a bit. I was however disappointed that the wings were so thin and bony.

Banana Puddings

As for the puddings; which were the main reason for our visit, they were simply amazing. We ordered three desserts, the O.G, Nana ohs, and StrawNana. The O.G pudding was just miraculous. It consisted of fresh banana chunks mixed with Nilla wafers and topped up with whipped cream. It was simple but at the same time sophisticated.

StrawNana Pudding

On the other hand, the Nana Oh uses Oreos as an ingredient. I eat anything that has Oreos in it, and the Nana Oh flavor did not let me down. I honestly never thought Oreos and bananas could taste so good.

Source: Thrillist

 My favorite, however, was the StrawNana thanks to the juicy strawberries and the crunchy Nilla wafers. It was a delightful treat; one that I haven’t had in a long time and one that will keep me coming back. What’s more, the pudding comes in a sizable cup which goes for an affordable $4.50 to $5.00 per serving.  Next time you are in the neighborhood drop by this food truck to sample their Puddin’ and Wings!

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