Saffron & Rose Ice-Cream

First and foremost, I am a food lover, and I love Persian cuisine. Secondly, I have a sweet tooth, and ice cream is among my best treats. Given my love for both these things, I was quite surprised when I came across a review of a Persian ice cream joint called Saffron & Rose Ice Cream.

According to the reviewer, Saffron Rose serves the best Persian Ice cream in the whole of California. For those who do not know, Persian ice cream, unlike American or Italian ice cream uses whole milk (American uses milk powder while Italian uses a mixture of milk and water).

As usual, having seen such a raving review of an ice cream restaurant, I was curious to try it out myself.

Saffron & Rose is located in Little Persia (alongside many other Persian businesses) on Westwood Boulevard. The ice-creams are made from an old family recipe with saffron as the main ingredient of the ice-cream. Others include hormone-free milk and ingredients such as fresh fruit and nuts.

Saffron & Rose Ice-cream

I am normally a very skeptic about English named restaurants claiming to serve ethnic cuisines. I work on the assumption that the less English used, the more authentic the cuisine is.

I just love experiencing different cultures in their genuine and true forms. Despite the very English name, the neon signs and most of the signage in the shop was in Farsi hence giving me more confidence in trying out their ice-cream.

Ice cream at Saffron & Rose comes in 4 different sizes;

  • Small – Or one scoop ($2.50)
  • Medium – Or two scoops ($4)
  • Large – Or 3 scoops ($5.25)
  • XL – 4 spoons.

In addition to that, ice cream comes in either a cup, cone or for those who prefer a cold, crunchy treat; the ice cream may come sandwiched in between two wafers. The menu comprises of 15 different flavors of ice-cream including traditional flavors and exotic flavors.

Exotic Ice Cream

Upon reaching the counter, the attendant starts giving me free samples of the different flavors available at the shop. He was pretty generous with the samples allowing me to try out more than eight different flavors including mixed berry, ginger, passion fruit, guava, wheat rice noodle, and white rose.

Saffron Rose

Persian Iice Cream

The white rose completely blew me away, and I ended up ordering a medium scoop of white rose ice cream. I honestly do not remember the last time I had such an amazing treat.

The saffron contributed a bittersweet lavenderish taste to the ice cream while the white rose flavor was just enough. The ice-cream was also thick and sticky – which I liked. It also had a delicious fragrance.

After hearing several people ordering the saffron pistachio ice cream, I made a point to myself to try it out sometime shortly.

Saffron Pistachio Ice Cream

Ice cream lovers will love two things about Saffron & Rose; firstly, their ice-creams are super delicious, and secondly, they are affordable. Saffron & Rose also sell to-go ice cream though these are mainly focused on Persian hit flavors such as Saffron, Rose and Saffron Pistachio.

Saffron & Rose Ice Cream is now my favorite ice-cream spot in L.A, and I am planning on coming back and exploring more of their flavors.

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