Scootabaker Cupcakes

For the sake of honesty, I am the kind of person who loves the dessert part of a meal more than I love the food part of the meal. Wherever I can, I skip the food and head right straight for the dessert.

Nonetheless, while I am extremely crazy about sweet treats, I am less passionate about the rather annoying situations I must go through to get access to a nice treat; such as parking and traffic.

I cannot recall the number of times I have wished that my dessert could appear with just a snap of my fingers or more reasonably, with just a simple order.

Most recently, however, I heard of Scootabaker which my friend described as a dessert delivery service. Scootabaker is the brainchild of Heather Wong, a UCLA graduate who lost her job two years ago. After losing her job, Heather started baking and was soon working with Big Sugar Bakeshop. The inspiration of all this is Heather’s love for making delicious pastries and desserts as well as her lifetime love for classic Italian scooters.


Some Scootabaker specials include cupcakes in flavors such as;

  • Mr. Vanilla Bean which is a vanilla cake featuring Madagascar vanilla buttercream.

Madagascar Vanilla Buttercream

  • Coconut Bikini which is a coconut cake with an appetizing cream cheese frosting
  • Mexicano Hot Chocolate which is cinnamon cake with cinnamon-chocolate butter-cream.

Mexicano Hot Chocolate

  • Hawaiian Vacation which is a vanilla cake stuffed with guava and featuring vanilla swiss meringue buttercream.

Hawaiian Vacation Vanilla CupCake

  • A variety of tarts, tartlets, cookies and dessert bars

I had the opportunity of meeting the sweet Heather Wong at an event dubbed The Sweet Street Scooter Rally in honor of Pablo Castelaz who died a year ago.

The Sweets Truck, another scooter fan owned pastry business sponsored the event while Dangerbird Records hosted it. Vespa of Sherman Oaks was leading the ride, and it was where the ride started as well. Scooters were riding towards Dangerbird Records in Silverlake.

The destination was chosen because of its deep connection to the Pablove Foundation whose primary mission is to fund the research of pediatric cancer (the co-owner of Dangerbird is Pablo’s father). Pablove Foundation also doubled up as the primary beneficiary of the ride and attendees were encouraged to make donations to it.

Well, I didn’t have a scooter, so I waited for the riders and for Heather at Dangerbird Records which was also hosting the sweet treat reception; an amazing idea considering it was looking like a paradise of sweet treats.

For the event, Heather presented a variety of delightful mini and regular size cupcakes, tartlets, and cookies.

The cupcakes came in three main flavors;

  • Matcha Green Tea

Matcha Green Tea

  • Black & White

Black & White Cupcake

  • Mocha Latte

Mocha Latte Cupcakes

Not wanting to miss out on any of the flavors, I ordered the box of assorted mini cupcakes for $5. As it turned out, I had made the right decision; right from the first bite to the last bite, every cupcake was amazingly delicious, and I loved one flavor after the other.

The Matcha Green Tea cupcake was soft, moist and featured a creamy frosting. The green tea cupcake and the espresso were not only delightful to the eyes, but also to the tongue and the stomach too. I found it quite interesting how the frosting was so light and at the same time, so flavorful.

Whatever her secret, Heather Wong’s cupcakes have earned a permanent spot among my favorite cupcakes. Best of all, I can finally get some sweet treats without having to beat the traffic or fight for parking.

The Scootabaker

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