The Bouchon

Las Vegas, also known as Sin City; is a city of dazzling lights, awe-inspiring fountains and majestic themed casinos and hotels. Although I have traveled to quite some places, I have never visited Las Vegas.

This summer, however, like any other 21 years old, I decided Las Vegas was my holiday destination. Well, of course, there was the lure of the nightclubs, but my friend and I were mostly interested in looking for the best food spots in Las Vegas.

One of the food joints we agreed to try out is the Bouchon at the Venetian. My friend’s parents are regulars at the Bouchon, and they had recommended we give the restaurant’s brunch a try.

The Bouchon at the Venetian is tucked on the 10th floor of the Venezia tower of the Venetian Resort & Casino. This is a luxury hotel whose theme is based on the city of Venice in Italy – hence the name.

Interestingly, however, Bouchon has a French-inspired theme complete with French doors, French cuisine and even hand-painted murals from Paulin Paris, a French artist.

The Bouchon

Thomas Keller is the owner of the Bouchon. He is also a world-renowned chef whose cuisine has won a bunch of accolades including Michelin stars and James Beard Foundation awards. He is also the owner of French Laundry and Bouchon Bistro in Yountville and Beverly Hills respectively.

Decor and Ambience

Bouchon Las Vegas

Upon entry into the restaurant (which is also quite hard to find), you feel like you have walked into a small Europe of sorts. The decor is classy and features giant mahogany pillars and a high ceiling. The furniture is simple but elegant, and we loved the casual and chatty atmosphere. The most amazing thing was, however, getting a table on the balcony overlooking a garden and the pool.

Las Vegas Restaurant


From the very onset, we all loved the service. Our waiter welcomed us graciously showing us to our table with a sweet smile. I liked that he had a sense of humor and also that he took his time to offer explanations to our questions regarding the offerings on the menu. Best of all, he was helpful without intruding on our privacy – a rare quality to find.

Venetian (Bouchon)


We hadn’t eaten all morning, and so we were starving by the time we got sat. I ordered a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice for $3.50. It was exactly to my liking; sweet and not too thick.

Bouchon - Orange Juice

One of my friends was feeling a bit more adventurous and ordered a fruity Bellini for $12.50. The Bellini looked delicious, and I had to steal a sip from my friend. Ultimately, I regretted not ordering the Bellini because it tasted like summer.

Bellini - Bouchon

Next up was a freshly baked woven loaf of bread with jam and butter. The loaf was beautiful to look at as well as nice to bite into; very crunchy and very tasty too especially with the jam and butter.

My next order was a Croque Madame ($19). This is a sandwich described as consisting of toasted ham and cheese on brioche, fried egg and Mornay sauce with Pommes Frites. The bread was thick, very well toasted while the ham was quite sizeable.

Bouchon Croque Madame

I also really enjoyed the Pommes Frites. I was, however, full before I had finished and so I requested the waiter to pack the remaining fries for me to carry and chew along while shopping; a request that greatly amused him.

My friend ordered a French toast for $12. While the name is rather modest, the dish is itself complex and beautiful. It was more of bread pudding than the traditional (or layman’s definition of) French toast. It features brioche bread, custard and even apples all of which give it a rich flavourful taste.

Bouchon French Toast

We loved everything about our brunch at the Bouchon; from the decor, to the service and the friendliness of the wait staff and down to the delicious and satisfying brunch. It’s a pity I do not live in Las Vegas.

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