Salina’s Churro Truck

So, first of all, I have heard of ice cream trucks, taco trucks, burger trucks but I have never really heard of a churro truck. Of late, however, two of my friends at work have raved continuously about just that; a churro truck called Salinas Churro Truck.

Since I like to do a bit of research on food joints/eateries before trying them out, I check for some reviews online and to my surprise, a huge majority of them are quite euphoric.

Having decided that I want to give the truck a try, I decided to take a drive to Echo Park which is just a few minutes from downtown LA. My friends had told me to look out for a blue corn quesadilla cart because the two often park close to each other. It didn’t take me long to find Salinas Churro Truck at the corner of Echo Park and Sunset Boulevard.

Salina's Churro Truck - Echo Park

The side of the truck has visual depictions of some desserts and treats served in the truck. This impressed me because I rarely see a truck dealing purely in snacks and desserts. Salinas is the ideal place for anyone who has a sweet tooth; like me.

Salina's Churro Truck

As the name suggests, Salinas menu obviously includes churros, but it also features other treats such as;

  • Platano Frito (fried bananas)
  • Bionico (which consists of fresh fruit topped with granola, dry fruit, and condensed milk)
  • Nachos,
  • Funnel cake
  • Tostilocos
  • Tortas
  • Esquites

Best Salinas Churro Truck

My mouth was already watering at the site of all those goodies on the side of the truck, and the sweet smell of cinnamon wasn’t helping the situation either. Part of me wanted to try out the churros, but part of me was against the idea because I wasn’t sure what to expect.

All the same, after seeing some people happily and enthusiastically digging into their churros, I decided to follow my heart and go with the churros.

Salinas Churro Truck in LA

I must also mention that the truck was really clean. Best of all, it has a large window through which one can see the guys in the kitchen meticulously making the churros.

I find anything with strawberries quite irresistible, so I ordered the churros con fresh. This snack features churro topped with strawberry jam and condensed milk. I was surprised that I was enjoying such a treat for just $3. The condensed milk was sweet, and it kept me digging into my churros.

Churros Con Fresa

Within minutes, I had finished my churros con fresa, and I hovered over the menu to see what else I could order. The funnel cake was top among my considerations (because of all the strawberry in it), but the churro I had just eaten had impressed me, so I decided to order five plain churros for just $2.

Salina's Churro

The plain churros didn’t disappoint me either. They were fresh, sizzling hot (which I liked), crunchy and at the same time, quite soft and chewy. The churros are coated with sugar and cinnamon which makes them extra sweet.

As a matter of fact, I seemed to enjoy the regular churros even more than the churros con fresa. Salinas Churro Truck is definitely worth the hype, and it was definitely worth the drive.

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