Late Night Menu at Terrine

UPDATE: Restaurant Closed

With changing economic times, the eating patterns of most working people have changed. Ultimately, more and more people are having meals late at night.

Most late night eaters turn to the all-time favorite of cheeseburgers and fries. This happens because many restaurants close before midnight, and then your choices dwindle. Here is a place where you can get a nice table and offers a late night menu which is a better option than a cheeseburger & fries.

Terrine, the Californian restaurant with a French touch introduced a new after-hours menu. The restaurant is an ideal location for late night eaters who do not mind spending a bit more for some delicious and filling treats to exciting and refreshing craft cocktails for those more interested in a strong late night drink.

The restaurant is located at 8265 Beverly Boulevard, LA. Kris Morningstar, Stephane Bombet, and Francois Renaud are the brains behind the Terrine magic. The new after-hours menu is available every Sunday through Thursday from 9 pm to 11 pm and every Friday through Saturday from 10 pm to as late as 2 am.

Late Night Menu at Terrine


One of the very first things that strike anyone entering Terrine is its warm, tranquil and welcoming ambiance. The patio is particularly impressive due to the majestic tree adorned with magical hanging lights at the center of the patio. It also features some soft music in the background just to give the dining experience musical rhythm.

Terrine Menu

For most restaurants, happy hour is a time for chefs and bartenders to play and have fun with items on the menu. At Terrine, Chef Kris Morningstar prepares a range of soulful and delicious late night specials with highlights that include;

1. Kris Morningstar’s Onion Soup Poutine is worth dying. It goes for $11 and is a creative way of fusing poutine with French onion soup. Those hoping to satisfy their late-night cravings will enjoy the starchiness and greasiness of the onion soup poutine.

Onion Soup Poutine

2. What another must have at the restaurant is the pork belly served with spicy mustard and a free salad. This fatty treat features a crispy and oily outside and soft, flavorful pork on the inside. The spicy mustard and the free salad pair quite well with this dish.

Terrine Pork Belly

3. A firm favorite on the menu was the Croque Cubano which featured smoked ham, capicola, gruyere and pickled Fresno chili relish. This delicious and fulfilling treat is worth seconds and for some, even thirds.

4. Seafood enthusiasts also have the option of feasting on some fresh market oysters.

Market Oysters

5. The truffled chicken liver makes for a delicious appetizer as does the seared Foie gras.

Truffled Chicken Liver

For those also interested in washing down these delicious late night specials, the bar offers a wide variety of cocktails and wines. The bartender is amazing and does a good job of crafting cocktails and engaging guests. Standout cocktails from the bar include;

1. The pimms pong is exceptionally refreshing and is ideal for a hot summer night. It features Pimms, Contratto, Ramazotti and the classic Beefeater.

Terrine's Pimms Pong

2. For those who prefer a much more bitter taste, the rosemary sour is perfect. This cocktail is the result of rain vodka mixed with lemon, noilly prat aperol and rosewater cordial.

Rosewater Cordial

3. Other exquisite cocktails worth trying out on the after-hours menu of Terrine include the Blood and Sand as well as the Beverly fix.

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