Scootabaker Cupcakes

For the sake of honesty, I am the kind of person who loves the dessert part of a meal more than I love the food part of the meal. Wherever I can, I skip the food and head right straight for the dessert.

Nonetheless, while I am extremely crazy about sweet treats, I am less passionate about the rather annoying situations I must go through to get access to a nice treat; such as parking and traffic.

I cannot recall the number of times I have wished that my dessert could appear with just a snap of my fingers or more reasonably, with just a simple order.

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Get Shaved 2.0

Also known as Hawaiian shave ice, shaved ice is made from fine ice shavings and drizzled with sweet syrups; sometimes, they are combined with ice-creams. While it is a superbly delicious dessert, it is often hard to get right.

Experts recommend a fine, powdery ice that is not too heavy. In addition to that, just the right amount of gentleness is needed when pouring on the syrup otherwise the ice may collapse. Not many people know how to make perfect shaved ice, but Pat and Kristen Roskowick sure do.

Roskowick has openly declared herself an ”ice cream junkie” in the past. She even makes sure to mention that Get Shaven for her is not about the profits but rather about making quality dessert and sharing it with as many people as possible.

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Mandoline Grill

Food trucks in L.A are a regular sight, and personally, I am a huge fan of sampling out new food trucks as much as I can (the sight of a new truck makes me hungry). Luckily, I happen to live in a neighborhood where many trucks regularly make stops.

However, there is one truck that has always eluded me in the past; the Mandoline Grill truck. Word on the street has it that this red truck serves the best Vietnamese food in L.A.

Last Monday, as I was pondering where to have lunch, I caught a red truck out of the corner of my eye and was pleasantly surprised to see the Mandoline Grill logo on the side.…

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Burger Kitchen: All I Can Say Is “Oy”

Boutique, gourmet burger joints are opening with greater regularity across the country. Burger Kitchen in Beverly Grove (8048 West 3rd Street, midtown Los Angeles) is the latest promising a unique, artisanal take on the benchmark of standard American fare, the hamburger. And, like with so many others, it fails to offer anything uniquely enjoyable to distance itself from the already crowded field.

There is some variety to be said for the father-and-son (Alan and Daniel Saffron) owned restaurant’s set of burgers (22 different variations on the menu, not to mention the build-your-own option).

Such ambition can easily backfire when one’s flagship meal is a sandwich that often works best when it’s kept simple. Despite that reservation, I gave Burger Kitchen an honest try.…

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Another Shaved Ice Truck To Debut

Fresh and tasty ice cream is a must-have during the warmer seasons, whether you are home or abroad. If you are from Hawaii, you know what this means.

Even though Shaved Ice Cream is not available everywhere, it is a must taste while visiting Hawaii or anywhere else in the USA. Wondering what Shaved Ice Cream is?

Shaved Ice Cream looks as delicious as it sounds to be. With enticing colors and a wide variety of flavors, this famous Hawaiian style dessert is the best shot for those who are looking for something new and refreshing.

If you think this is just another cup filled with shredded ice and colorful syrup you are mistaken. Shaved Ice Cream done right provides people the chance to have a flavor-rich experience, especially when adding extras such as condensed milk and vanilla ice cream. Mix and match all you want; this perfect treat is …

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Saffron & Rose Ice-Cream

First and foremost, I am a food lover, and I love Persian cuisine. Secondly, I have a sweet tooth, and ice cream is among my best treats. Given my love for both these things, I was quite surprised when I came across a review of a Persian ice cream joint called Saffron & Rose Ice Cream.

According to the reviewer, Saffron Rose serves the best Persian Ice cream in the whole of California. For those who do not know, Persian ice cream, unlike American or Italian ice cream uses whole milk (American uses milk powder while Italian uses a mixture of milk and water).

As usual, having seen such a raving review of an ice cream restaurant, I was curious to try it out myself.

Saffron & Rose is located in Little Persia (alongside many other Persian businesses) on Westwood Boulevard. The ice-creams are made from an old family recipe …

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Nana Queen’s Puddin’ and Wings

Anyone who knows me knows that I am crazy about two things; tasty desserts and my all time favorite hobby, chasing down food trucks. I particularly have a soft spot for food trucks that also serve up delicious desserts.  Talking of trucks and desserts, there is a new truck in town called Nana Queen’s Puddin’ and Wings.

Although it launched last Saturday, I hear it used to sell some of its already famous desserts to local restaurants including Philip’s BBQ and Uncle Darrow’s (in Marina Del Rey).

I was with my boyfriend when I spotted Nana Queen’s food truck on Melrose. My boyfriend didn’t like the whole concept of pudding and wings (he doesn’t like wings). However, I told him that the truck serves four different types of banana puddings and he agreed to tag along with me.

We were lucky to bump into none other than Janel Pratel, …

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Aloha Hour @ Roy’s

When I first went to Roy’s a few months ago, I was looking for a nice dessert, and that was when I first experienced the miraculous taste of chocolate soufflé with vanilla ice cream.

Although I do like digging my teeth into good quality food, sometimes it comes at a relatively high price and with the tough economic times, saving money is a priority.

It is for this very same reason that many people are huge fans of happy hours; you get to sample delicious foods and treats at discounted prices. Roy’s is one restaurant that has incorporated the concept of happy hour.…

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Food Wars: Grill ‘Em All vs. Baby’s Badass Burgers

I remember when we were just little boys we would argue over whose mother makes the best pudding or the best lemonade or even the best chicken stew. The truth is that people get very territorial when defending their favorite foods and favorite chefs.

Luckily, however, there is a new show scheduled to premiere on Travel Channel that could put an end to food rivalries once and for all. The new show is called “Food Wars, ” and Camille Ford is the host. The program, which starts on March 9th, aims to pit local heavyweights head to head with each other and see who has the better food.

How did I know about it? Well, today, I happened to stop for lunch at Grill ’Em All; an L.A truck that specializes in gourmet burgers and they were in the process of filming an episode of “Food Wars” pitting Grill ‘Em …

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The First Annual LA Street Food Festival

While people were looking forward to a romantic weekend of candle-lit dinners, roses and chocolates, I was thinking about how I was going to attend arguably the biggest street food event of the first quarter of the year; the first annual L.A Street Food Festival.

The event went down on Saturday the 13th of February, and it was a perfect way for people to usher in the romance of Valentines. I managed to convince my boyfriend to attend the event (which wasn’t too hard given how much he loves food trucks). He also managed to convince two of his friends; Rick and Tom to attend the event alongside us.

Where Was It and How Much Was It?

The first edition of the LA Street Food Fest was held at the LA Center Studios with tickets going for $5 for general admission entry and a cool $30 for VIP entry.…

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The Oinkster

I love food, and I am constantly on the lookout for new restaurants and food joints to satisfy my craving for good food. Recently, one joint that I have heard about a lot is The Oinkster.

I have seen it featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives where Guy Fieri is the host. I have also seen it in the “Hot on Yelp” section of Yelp, and it got featured on a list of the best burger places in Los Angeles. Curious to know what the fuss is all about, I decided to take a detour (with my colleague) after work and sample The Oinkster.

Andre Guerrero owns this restaurant, located at 2005 Colorado Boulevard, Eagle Rock. It was my first time there but finding it was a walk in the park. The simple decor of the restaurant, the clean interior, and the friendly service impressed us.…

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Little Tokyo Market Place and Mikawaya

Even though I like eating out (especially food trucks), I also like to do some of my cooking at home. In line with this, I go for grocery shopping every Sunday.

Honestly speaking, grocery shopping was not an activity I particularly enjoyed. I especially hated the fact that finding the ingredients I love at affordable prices was such a hassle.

That was until I discovered Little Tokyo Market on Alameda Street in downtown LA. Initially, the place was known as the Mitsuwa place (a Japanese themed market). Sometime last year, however, H-Mart, the Korean supermarket took over space subsequently renaming it Little Tokyo Market and maintaining the Japanese theme.…

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I am normally not very enthusiastic about eating out in chain restaurants. My undisputed love for food trucks is no doubt one of the reasons for this. Chain restaurants also tend to serve menus that are rather too generic. However, when I heard that Capriotti’s had opened shop in Beverly Hills, I was more than thrilled. Alan and Lois Margolet started it in 1976 in Delaware.

Capriotti’s is a restaurant that specializes in handcrafted sandwiches. It has since built a positive reputation for itself, winning several accolades over the years including Delaware Today Magazine’s “Best Turkey Sub”.

I heard that the original owners sold Capriotti’s in 2008 to two former University of Nevada students (Ashley Morris and Jason Smylie) who were initially franchisees. Just last year, one of the more popular offerings, the Bobbie was voted “The Greatest Sandwich in America” on…

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