Saffron & Rose Ice-Cream

First and foremost, I am a food lover, and I love Persian cuisine. Secondly, I have a sweet tooth, and ice cream is among my best treats. Given my love for both these things, I was quite surprised when I came across a review of a Persian ice cream joint called Saffron & Rose Ice Cream.

According to the reviewer, Saffron Rose serves the best Persian Ice cream in the whole of California. For those who do not know, Persian ice cream, unlike American or Italian ice cream uses whole milk (American uses milk powder while Italian uses a mixture of milk and water).

As usual, having seen such a raving review of an ice cream restaurant, I was curious to try it out myself.

Saffron & Rose is located in Little Persia (alongside many other Persian businesses) on Westwood Boulevard. The ice-creams are made from an old family recipe …

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